Peter Wilson is a Melbourne/Bali based artist, his professional career in puppetry began in 1975. His career has spanned 42 years working with puppetry artists throughout the world including most major puppet companies in Australia.

Peter Co-founded Handspan Theatre in 1977 and was associated with the company for 18 years, working on many productions including Secrets, Four Little Girls, Cho Cho San, The Reading Boy and Smalls.

Peter’s association with Nigel Triffitt offered him an opportunity to work on the productions of Mommas Little Horror Show, The Fall of Singapore and Moby Dick.

In 1985, Peter studied at the L’Institut International de la Marionette in Charleville Mezierres France, under the direction of Philippe Genty.

In 1993, Peter was appointed as Artistic Director for Company Skylark in Canberra. He created works for both children and adults including the international touring success of Wake Baby, Twinkle Twinkle Little Fish, Inside Dry Water and The Hobbit.

In 2000, Peter directed the ‘Nature’ segment for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Sydney Olympics (2000)

In 2000, Peter was associate director and puppeteer for the widely acclaimed The Theft of Sita-Touring Internationally 2000-2002.

Peter directed the first National Puppetry and Animatronics Summit in Melbourne in 2002.

In August 2004, Currency Press launched The Space Between, a book written by Peter in collaboration with Geoffrey Milne, detailing the development of Puppetry and Visual theatre in Australia from the 1970s to 2004. Peter also contributed to the 2007 Australian Drama Studies issue-titled Puppetry and Visual Theatre in Australia and New Zealand.

Peter created and headed up the first Post Graduate Diploma and Masters in Puppetry program for the Victorian College of the Arts from 2004-2009.

Peter was Director of Puppetry for the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony. He was also Segment Director and Director of Animation for the 2006 Asian Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies held in Doha, Qatar, December 2006.

Peter has worked extensively throughout Asia including China, Malaysia, Cambodia, Japan and Indonesia.

Productions and events include ….. Directed/Written/Produced- World Expo – Australia’s National Day and Farewell ConcertDirector: Japan (2005), A World of Paper and Moon PlayDirector: Theatre Kazenoko and Urinko – Japan (2002 & 2003), Colours of MalaysiaCreative Director- Citrawarna – 2007/08/09 including the 50th Anniversary of Independence celebrations; The Dragon Child for the China Children’s Art Theatre-Director: (2007/08)-International touring 2010/11/2012. Bali Agung for Bali Safari and Marine Park-Director/Producer/Co-Writer (2010-2017) currently playing 2017….

Puppet Director/Co-Producer: tumblegum-a telemovie 2012. DirectorRegalia-Contemporary Circus -2011. Bali Safari and Marine Park.

2012-Puppetry ConsultantHow to Train Your Dragon.

Director of The Flying Orchestra  for the 2012 OOTB FESTIVAL-QPAC:  Steering Committee Member for the 2012-4th National Puppetry Summit-Melbourne.

Peter Directed Cho Cho for The National Theatre of China/The Arts Centre and Playking Productions in Beijing – January 2013. National Australian tour- September/October 2013.

Director APEC- ‘Spouse Event’ -Bali Safari and Marine Park October – 2013.

Peter was Puppetry Director for Global Creature’s “King Kong-2013/14: Regent Theatre-Melbourne.

Director of Puppetry for Storm Boy- STC/Barking Gecko…..2013/2015.

A World of Paper (2003)


Peter has been recipient of a number of awards including Canberra Times Artist of the Year Award (1995), the Sidney Myer Individual Performing Artist of the Year award (1997), The Australia Council Individual Development Grant (1993/1999), The Australia Council Fellowship (2002), Senior Creative Fellow – The Victorian Arts Centre (2002-2003), Asialink residencies, Japan 2002 – Bali 2010 and an UNIMA AUSTRALIA award in recognition of contribution to Puppetry (2008).  Dragon Child (2011)-China National Ministry of Culture Awards-Best Theatre Production, Best Music Score and Best Actress. The Helpmann Award “Outstanding Theatrical Achievement: for the Design, Creation and Operation of King Kong – The Creature” (2013).  Australian Arts in Asia Award – Cho Cho – Best Theatre (2013).


“Fire Show” – Bali Safari & Marine Park. (2014).  Director- Cricket World Cup- Opening Ceremony-(2015). Cricket World Cup-HD VIDEO.mp4; ‘FROM PREDATOR TO PREY”- TIGER SHOW- BALI  -TSI  (2015); JAI-ART DIRECTION FOR BOUTIQUE AQUARIUM IN JAKARTA 2015/16/17; THEATRE WORK- PEARL OF THE SOUTH SEA 2016/2017; IBM – CORPORATE – BALI- THE GRAND HYATT-NUSA DUA/GWK 2017;   THE BALI GAMES OPENING CEREMONY: GIANYAR –  SEPTEMBER 2017 :






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